Burstcoin Network

This page updates every 20 seconds and should provide a quick overview of Burstcoin network.
Last block with same GenerationSignature: null (Data updated 10 seconds ago.)

The above chart shows the block transitions of nodes, weight by amount of nodes. Based on the data received by this page.

NextBlock BaseTarget Type Domain GenerationSignature TargetDeadline State
632253 54672 Wallet wallet.daggeringcats.com:8125 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... N/A OK
632253 54672 Wallet wallet.burstcoin.ro 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... N/A OK
520192 18325193796 Wallet wallet1.burstnation.com:8125 afc260f03fd812cf1820d2a94... N/A STUCK
632253 54672 Pool pool.burstcoin.de 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... Unlimited OK
632253 54672 Pool all.poolofd32th.club 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 31536000 OK
632253 54672 Pool burst.btfg.space:8124 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 23667714000 OK
632253 54672 Pool pool.burstcoin.space:8124 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 2592000 OK
632253 54672 Pool pool.poolofd32th.club 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 31536000 OK
632253 54672 Pool burst.ninja 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 2592000 OK
632253 54672 Pool burstpool.net:8124 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 1728000 OK
632253 54672 Pool pool.burstcoin.ro:8080 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 31536000 OK
632253 54672 Pool 100pb.online 770c7ba439b2a938f62564951... 3153600 OK
Show offline
N/A Offline pool.burstmining.club
N/A Offline m.burst4all.com:8124
N/A Offline wallet3.burstnation.com:8125
N/A Offline wallet2.burstnation.com:8125
N/A Offline wallet.burst-team.us:8128
N/A Offline wallet.burst-team.us:8127
N/A Offline pool.burstcoin.party
N/A Offline cwallet.burstmining.club:8125
N/A Offline pool.burstcoin.eu
N/A Offline pool.burstcoin.biz
N/A Offline wallet.burst-team.us:8126
N/A Offline fastpool.info:8124
N/A Offline wallet.burst-team.us:8125
N/A Offline mwallet.burst-team.us:8125
N/A Offline faucet.burstnation.com
N/A Offline burstneon.ddns.net
N/A Offline nihaomike.duckdns.org:8123
N/A Offline wallet4.burstnation.com:8125
N/A Offline awallet.burstmining.club:8125
N/A Offline bwallet.burstmining.club:8125
N/A Offline pool.burstcoin.sk
N/A Offline burst.cryptoguru.org
N/A Offline faucet.burst-team.us
N/A Offline util.burst-team.us:8889
N/A Offline faucet.burstcoin.info
N/A Offline pool.burst-team.us
N/A Offline burst.lexitoshi.uk
N/A Offline burst.d26a.de:8123
N/A Offline burstpool.ddns.net
N/A Offline pool.burstcoin.ml:8020
N/A Offline burstwalletcanada.ddns.net:8125
N/A Offline pool.ccminer.net:8080
N/A Offline wallet.bit-miner.de:8123
N/A Offline wallet.burst-coin.net:8125

This list does not contain all nodes of Burstcoin network, only a manual configured subset.